Why is my girlfriend so mad at me?

My girlfriend and me (im 20 and she's 18) had sex (with a condom) for the first time. She was virgin before we started dating (I'm not) and I DID NOT pressure her to go all the way just so you know. Anyway she wouldn't let me under her bra and feel her breasts or take it off (also it the first time I ever saw her naked) without her pushing my hand away. She did allow me to pull down her bra sharps but that was it. Then I get annoyed and when she wasn't looking I unhooked her bra and it had fell off. She after noticed, she immediately cover up herself and ran out of the room to the bathroom. Later I felt bad and knocked on the door. She didn't answer it or me. When she did come out she grabbed her clothes and went home. I called her a few times but she won;t pick up. what I do?


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  • you should have respected her boundaries. you were a jerk to unhook her bra when she made it clear that she didn't want to take it off.


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  • This is an example of you being 'pushy'. You clearly knew she didn't want to expose herself, however, you still insisted upon it. What can you do? You broke her trust. Apologize for what you did and tell her you will not touch her anywhere around that area unless she gives you permission to do so.


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  • She's obviously mad at you because you did something that she didn't want you to do.