Why do guys stare without a smile?

There are two guys who stare at me with no smile it made me felt uncomfortable . I thought I looked weird or ugly. One of the guys whispered to the other and shortly that guy left and when I looked at him his head lowered but the other guy continued to stare. Why such behavior ?


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  • Ok..so I can kind of relate, cause I do have a serious external demeanor...so well guess it's like where so used to being serious that when we wants to smile it's kind of hard,u know where not intuitive like that...and they where probably taking about u..I'd guess the conversation was like she's looking at me and the other dude was like no she's looking at me and it ended with hah she was looking at me not u...that's just my hear say


What Girls Said 1

  • i never smile when I stare at people. staring is a serious business. I'm discerning. anyways I don't smile without a reason. if I don't know someone and am not happy to see them etc. why would I smile?