Eye-to-eye crises....Please help!!

Two things happened already... I need some answers!

1. I stared at the guy 'cause I sort of like him, then he stares back. After a few seconds, I was able to turn away in embarrassment... Feeling curious, I want to know what he is doing already... When I look back, I found him looking at somewhere else and then after a second, he looked at me again. We stared again eye-to-eye until I couldn't stand it and looked away.

2. I turned my head from looking at my friends and saw him looking at me while walking (he'll pass me when walking to the other end of the corridor), I stared at him and he continues to walk but then looks at me at the corner of his eye. After that, he looks at the front and not at me anymore but I couldn't interpret his expression 'cause I am facing his back... What could this mean?

Please explain!


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  • explain why he's staring at you?


    its because your staring at him for so long that even as a guy, (where we don't notice eye contact all that much), he had to take notice because this girl is persisting,

    then when he next saw you he thought "oh that's that girl who stared at me in that weird way the other day, oh sh*t she's doing it again! look away "insert name here" you don't want to be seen as creepy do you, oh god is she STILL staring, what the f*** is her deal?"

    i hope this helps you get over your womanitis and you stop assuming stuff means anything significant when they probably dont


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  • He may like you or he might not as well.

    If you two smiled at each other then that would be a good sign.

    Me and this girl I liked would stare at each other as well. Anyways, we would sometimes smile at each other as well which made me think that she was into me but now she's giving me mixed signals and I am confused and stressed. Let me know what you think?

  • It means he's attracted to you. Staring a lot entails a lot of interest.

  • He either Likes you a lot, an scared to show you or admit it or he thinks your weird lol.

  • i as a guy also turn away after looking into the eyes of the girl I like because I feel too shy to stand the atmosphere. I would think of it as exciting yet challenging to have such eye contact


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  • Haha, well this could mean two things in my perception: he has an interest in you or he thinks you're a creep lol. Just try saying hi.