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Why do guys only like cute girls?

why do guys never notice me ever, never ask me out, I'm not fat, I'm not ugly, but they don't ask me out ever. what should I wear to make them ask me... Show More

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  • Simply smile at guys you like or give em a glance and walk away. Any of these will draw an interest in a guy as to why she is smiling or looking at me. Wear clothes like tshirts or polos in bright colors and jeans. At least I find those clothing attractive on a girl.

  • Anything that makes you stand out. Don't wear anything that gives the guys a wrong idea.

  • it depends. what do you mean by cute? For me, I notice in and am interested in a girl by her open personality first, not because if she's good looking or not.

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  • Men are visual creatures. They are attracted to beautiful women, it's a biological thing. Complaining about it isn't going to do any good because men like what they like.I believe in the old quote "There is no such thing as an ugly girl, only a lazy girl". OK you said that you aren't ugly or fat so that's half the battle right there. You probably look cute as is, maybe you just need more confidence. Men love confident women. Confidence is like magic, it can make people forget about flaws and it can magnify your good qualities. Go shopping, get your hair and nails done and do stuff that makes YOU feel good. Show a little skin and wear fitted clothes to show off your figure, but don't show so much that you look like you charge by the hour. Sluttiness will get a guy's attention but he'll never take you seriously. So dress hot if you have the body for it.Flirt and be open. Smile a lot and think positively.

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