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Have you been told you look like anyone famous?

Have you been told you look like anyone famous?I've been told I look like Jordana Brewster in glasses and Amy Farrah Fowler.. But I think I look more like Whoopi Goldberg and Connie Chung.

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  • From the right angle, and when my hair is done right, I've gotten ashton kutcher

  • I don't think so but I guess I do to an extent if relations count...

  • People used to tell me I look like Ben Roethlisberger back when it could be a compliment.

  • Yes. When I wear my contact lenses. Which is not that often anymore. And before I had a goatee. People would say my eyes would look like that of Brad Pitt's. Although I never saw it, multiple people have.

  • I haven't

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