Is my style attractive?

I've noticed that most of the girls at my school dress really girly (not sure how else to explain it). My style is really casual. I wear colorful graphic tees and jeans pretty much everyday. Is this attractive? I've got a picture of one of my favorite outfits on my profile, so that kind of shows what I'm talking about.


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  • As you get older, t-shirts just look less formal and make you look younger. If you wear an occasional blouse and skip the jeans in favor of a skirt, I think it helps add some balance. It doesn't mean you can't wear one once in awhile, but personally, I like a girl that dresses up once in awhile.


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  • Your style can be attractive. I don't know if you only like to wear white shirts as in your pics. But wearing colors such as pink or light blue can be very attractive and eye catching and the jeans are perfectly fine and attractive.

  • different guys like different styles, the reason why most men like the girly girl fashion is because it shows more, so the more skin shown the better...usually

    but then again, sometimes its just nice to have something left up to the imagination


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  • No way!

    Your style is awesome (:

    I have the same t-shirt haha.

    I know what you mean about other girls dressing different, at my school this happens too.

    Dare to be different and just wear what you want..after's only school!

    And if other people wanna look like the same as eachother, let them.

    Style doesn't really matter in the end aslong as you feel comfortable!


  • It looks really normal and very casual, too me a little bland. In my opinion, I would dress up your tees and make them look more unique by adding accessories (like interesting earrings, a beanie, boots, a hair accessory, maybe a colorful layering tank underneath and a cardigan over it). Just some suggestions.

    • Some examples:

  • As long as you're comfortable, enjoy it while you can. Once you're older and more than likely to move on to an office job, dress shoes and slacks/skirt/blouses will be common place. ):

    • Ha yeah I'm going to med school so I'll be wearing scrubs and those ugly white jackets eventually :(