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Guys what do you consider tall, and to tall?

I am 5'7.5 and was wondering what guys consider tall, and to tall. Also I know most guys just want a girl that's not taller than him.

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  • Considering I'm 6'2", yeah you are short. However, I like short and as long as a girl is not taller than me I'm okay.

What Guys Said 32

  • I always considered that average. I'm 6'3"

  • It's definitely above average for a girl, but for me (6'1) personally too tall would be anything above 6'3

  • I would consider a girl 5'11" or taller to be "tall" girl.

    • I would consider dating anyone up to 6'1" or 6'2". (I'm 5'10")

  • Would prefer a girl who is around my height (5'5.75" or shorter), but I'd date a girl up to 3 inches taller.

  • I'm 6'3" and I'd consider 5'10" tall, and 6'7" to be too tall for me.

  • I guess I'd consider a girl who is 5'8" to be fairly tall. Too tall (for me) would be taller than me - I'm 5'11". Tall girls 5'9"-6'ft can look very beautiful, but then I think about sleeping with them and it just seems kind of weird to me. Can't explain why.

  • Not such thing as too tall, the taller the more elegant, just make sure you are not overweight.

  • I could care less. Height is something your born with you have not much to control it.

  • You are good

  • i'm 6'5" and personally I don't think there can be too tall or too short, its not like we can control our height, so size isn't an issue for me

  • I think 5"8/5"9 is tall. You have the best of both worlds, you could be considered average or tall.

    Despite being short, I'm more drawn to taller girls.

  • Id say over 5'9 is tall for a girl because that's average height for guys

  • im 6 <3 it don't matter to be but I've never dated someone as tall or taller than me hehehehe but its nota problem because I don't look on the out side but the inside counts

  • I'm 5'8 and I consider tall to be taller than me.

    I don't really care if a girl is an inch or so above me in high heels, but in the bedroom, clothes off, it matters.

    Of course, it doesn't help that most women won't date men shorter than they are. But that's just how it works right?

  • Really anything shorter than 6' is fine with me. I'm 6'3" so that doesn't make me much taller but I don't mind girls that are significantly shorter than me either.

  • Then you'll be the same height or a little shorter than the majority of guys. I'm short, 5'9" and there's tons of guys taller than me. Shorts guys have to make up for it with confidence, lol.

  • Know lots of guys shorter than their SO or wives, even dancers (even awkward underarm turns are worked out)

    As for me, I also could manage a taller gal with enough incentive


    seem to attract those gals that are 5-12 inches shorter, yes including a 15 year involvement with a 5'7"

  • well I'm 6ft 2in, and my Girlfriend is 6ft even. tall is anyone taller than me, as I'm a rather tall guy myself

  • Anything taller then me is meh. Even same height irks me a bit because when she wears heels she'll be taller then me. Average male height is now 5 9 so you should be fine.

  • 6ft is tall but I don't really care for height. Face and personality! aha

  • I've never really minded when people where taller then me. I'm very content being 6'3". I'm in the 97 percentile for height, so your notion of "I know most guys just want a girl that's not taller than him" doesn't really apply. It's not a I would feel inferior sort of situation, there's none of that going on. I just don't find tall women all that attractive. As I've said before on here, tall women generally come in one of two packages. Either 1) They are tall and slim ectomorphs that are really bony with no butt, and many times small boobs or, 2) they have are muscular mesomorphs that look like amazonian women. 1) seems too scrawny with no curves, many times looking anorexic which I don't like, 2) seems kind of masculine which obviously is a turn off. To generalize I'd say girls between 5' and 5'6" are generally more famine in my eyes.

  • I could care less how tall A girl is as long as she is attractive.

  • Anything above 5"6 = tall.

  • I consider 5'7'' average, 5'8'' - 5'9'' would be tallish but not tall, taller than that would be tall. I LOVE tall women tho, they're so sexy with their long legs and hot bodies!

  • I would say 5ft7 for a girl is like the begining of tall 5ft4-5ft6 is average for a girl but then again I'm barely 5ft6 but most guys are taller than 5ft7.

  • Nah, you're average. I find girls 5'7'' - 5'11'' to be the most attractive ones. I don't really see short girls as potential girlfriends. Your height is just fine.

  • I consider that a little taller than average maybe by an inch but its a good height.

    I'm 6'5 and I probably wouldn't date a girl smaller than 5'5. All guys are bothered about really is that the girl isn't taller than him. The same applies for girls, not many girls would date a guy shorter than her !

  • Where I live 5'7 is average for a girl, but if you're from North America you're above average. Tall for me is 5'11 and up and your height is the shortest I'd go for (I'm not attracted to short girls).

  • Anything taller than me is too tall, and I am short guy at 5ft 0in.

  • In my country average male height is 5'11 so girls your height are shorter than most guys and not considered tall by any means. I generally prefer girls on the tall side of averege (which is what your height is to me). My girlfriend is 5'8 1/2 and she is hot!

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What Girls Said 5

  • I think you have the perfect height, not short and not really tall. I actually envy grls your height because I'm really short and at 21 they still look at me as a kid or like a kid because they think I'm younger than my real age because I'm small. Lol

  • I'm between 5'6 and 5'7 and I'm only a little taller than average. I'd consider 5'9 tall.

  • I'm like 5'7 and a quarter haha. I don't feel too tall, but I'd rather date a guy that's 5'11 at least. Only because 5'9 is average and also not much taller than me at all. I feel too tall when I wear heels. I know I wouldn't want to be shorter than 5'5 though. And guys don't get mad if you're not 5'11+ because my height or taller isn't average for girls.

  • Your height is nice , Tall women look better in clothes.

  • I'm 5'3'' so definitely short!I would say you were pretty tall for a woman though

    • I'm 6'5", so anything up tp about 6'2" would be just fine for me.

    • She's not to tall , Actually average is 5'6 . So she actually have the perfect height . Not to tall not to short . Just right .

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