Why is it that good looking guys seem to seem to stare at me?

No, I am not looking for an ego boost. I unfortunately have no idea how I come off to other people and am pretty shy. And yes, this question has to do with looks but don't get all offended because there is more to a person than appearance.

What I have noticed is that good looking guys will stare at me. Not the average/below average, just the hot ones. At first I was like ooo confident boost but then I started wondering, if they think I'm good looking, wouldn't a variety of guys look at me? Then I started to think oh god they think I'm weird/awkward/ect.

Has anyone else dealt with this or knows what's going on?


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  • They think you are hot! There's no other logical reason for it.


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  • The other guys may not stare at you because they know you are out of their league, not sure.

  • Maybe that all think you're a cutie ;p


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