In the restaurant - she glanced every now and then

This afternoon when I was at a restaurant with friends, we were sitting at a table next to a window that had a good view.

Shortly after, a group of 6 people (mother, daughter, father and 2 kids and their other friend I presume came and sat at the table next to us) which was angled so we could see each and every one of them.

When they sat down (the lady with their group who was in her mid 40's) sort of looked then glanced at me and kind of half smiled. She did this again after 10 minutes sort of glancing at me (this must have happened 4 times during our stay!)

What I want to know is, did this lady possibly find me attractive?

She wasn't the wife of the husband, it was the friend.


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  • Probably yes.


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  • Why would you care? Your 18-24 she's mid 40s... Ummm... yeah...

  • yes sure she would surely admiring you could be your face or dress or your hair but she sees you attractive