The looks girls give me - very confusing..

here's the thing every where I go girls give me the look they don't smile they just stare at me very serious look and keep staring at me and when I say something to them they seem scared yet they don't walk away all I wanna know is there sexual tension between the girl and I or what is that why she stare at me without blinking or is it just because she hates my guts because I'm not very out there I just keep to myself..


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  • If they stare and continue to stare, my guess is they think you're sort of confident but not really aggressive (in which they'd break eye contact but initiate eye contact again). This is under the assumption that your look is also somewhat stoic.

    There is possibly a little sexual tension. If you don't show at least some warmth in tone or body language, they probably have little idea whether you're datable guy with solid self esteem or psychopath.

    • Thanks dude I liked all the responses and thank you everyone for the answer but ur answer sounded most reasonable and informational you sound like ur a psychologist.


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  • my guess is that they/her find you intimidating and fascinating, possibly because you're physically attractive?

  • When we see something we're attracted to we stop blinking-i heard this somewhere, you must do it too. When I look into someone's eyes I'm attracted to for some reason I don't think to blink. She doesn't smile because she is too shy-i rarely randomly smile at a guy.

  • maybe its cause you're not her type and she can't beileve you would even talk to her? I'm not sure but it sounds like she's rude if you just stares at you...

    • Shes not rude I know that for sure because she does smile but I'm talking about girls in general that happens to me all the time a lot I mean not all the women in the world can be rude.

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  • OMG dude I had this happen to me too lol

    a few weeks ago this girl just gave me this blank stare that you see in horror movies.. it was soooo wierd. I was like wtf. I thought I killed her cat or something in my sleep.