What to wear at a job interview?

iam thinking of getting a suit. anyone recommend some modestly priced suits? the job is for a correctional officer By the way. I've read that its not good to wear black suits since people might think you're going to a funeral lol so iam thinking blue or something like that with a grey tie combo. with dress shoes. I've also never owned a suit before


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  • my favorite outfit I've worn was a light short sleeved cotton top with some simple braided fabric around the neck, and some navy blue pants from American eagle, this sounds casual, but I was in really good shape at the time and I think That defiantly helps make a good impression, clear skin, nice make up, and most important, a positive attitude. That was for a cafe. I do believe having style is important, wear something unique and interested, it will make you feel like you and will help set the tone for who you are, don't let your job define you, show that you can bring something new to the table, dress nice and clean... with a touch of personality... something simple like a unique pair of vintage leather shoes.. something like that...


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  • I was always taught you are to dress for a position one level higher than the job you are applying for. I'm going to be a correctional officer too :) In like four years lol.


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  • The safest choices for a business suit are charcoal grey or navy. White shirt. Muted tie that complements rather than matches. Black dress shoes.

    What's your budget on the suit, and what's your build?

    • dont want to spend much, just enough to where it says iam trying to impress. iam a medium build, fairly wide shoulders.

    • I have no idea how much money that is.

  • bikini would be best for u...