How would you scale me?

I'm a pretty confident guy. I don't have trouble talking to pretty girls or worry about what to say next. The only thing on my mind is am I actually "in the league." This is because as far as success goes - I never had a girlfriend, first kiss, date, anything. Again, I can talk to girls, and I know how to flirt with them (Back in high school, I used to take my friends to dances and pick up girls for them. "for them" though, they were just man whores, I was looking for something more).

Well, I haven't tried picking up girls since junior year (2 years ago) and I feel like I lost my groove. I get too nervous to act the way I would because I guess I knew I'd see them the next day and it'd be awkward if I royally screwed up.

So at the bottom of this rant is a link to some pictures of me. Give me a scale from 1-10, and be honest. I'd like to know where I stand on it. I'm 5'10, about 130 lbs. (yeah, yeah, working on getting that up to 145), and I'm averagely built. Slim, maybe even scrawny looking, but I can get a good workout done. Point out any faults or flaws - It'd be nice to see where I can improve.

If you want a pysch background, I play guitar and piano. I like coldplay, killers, onerepublic, and may day parade. I'm a hopeless romantic, so I can be a sensitive, emotional manly man at times.

Enough ranting, here they are:





Have at it - Saint Richie


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  • You spent 4 paragraphs going on about how you basically don't think you can get a girl as comfortably as you like, then say you can be a some kind of manly man, then ask people to tell you how you look?

    From one guy to another: grow a pair and tell yourself what you're going to do or what you are. There's this one guy in a group of friends I ride motorcycles with that is chill as all f*** because he knows he owns whatever it is he does and has it under control. The dude could have whatever piece of tail he wanted. The loudest one of the group gets drunk (or sometimes doesn't even need that) and tries to get the mother treatment from people. Deny or don't, I don't care, but that's what you're doing here because I've seen it plenty before.

    So get up and out, own your sh*t, and put yourself where you want to be. Everybody is worried about their own lives, you should be doing the same. I used to be the same way when I was a teenager, but then I got tired of hoping someone would say something magical to help me improve and so I started relying on myself. Never felt better.

    • haha xD I never said I couldn't get them, just said I lost a groove, otherwise, if you read, I'm looking for the right one and not dealing with "date to see" people. That manly man bit was just humor mate cause it came after sensitive and emotional - ironic humor.

      I'm not looking for the mother treatment either mate, I'm saying be as honest as possible. I want to see my flaws. It seems you skimmed what I said and generalized. One last thing, someone is a hypocrite, with the anon answer.Own up

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    • See, the first part was all you needed to say from the beginning. Thanks for the constructive criticism. That was all mate xD. Didn't have to whine about everything else in the process

    • Yep, I was whining...

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  • I'd personally give you an 8, but then that's just my personal preferance, I've been known to have a unique taste xD Going by average thoughts of attractiveness you'd probably be somewhere around a 5. And yep, go eat a bit more that height weight ratio you have makes one worry :D As to psych, I honestly don't mind what it is that you do as a hobby as long as you do it with our heart. As to music... I'm sure many females like that style of music / those bands though I prefer music more along the lines of rock / hard rock. ^^ But then again each to his or her own :D


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  • You aren't ugly but I'd say you are average at best, maybe below. 3-5 depending on which picture you want me to judge from. Also make sure you do put some weight on as 130 lbs at 5'10 is a holocaust victim physique. Overall though you aren't too ugly that no woman would ever want you so I don't think you should worry too much, work on improving yourself and then just do the best you can with what you've got.