Guys: How do you feel about eye contact?

Do you only hold extended eye contact with a girl that you're interested in?

My friend, who I have a small crush on, and I were hanging out. Well during the whole day he kept catching my eye. Like I would look over at him because he said something or whatever, and we would look at each other, and then I would look away, but out of the corner of my eye I could see him still looking at me. So I'd look back and then he'd keep holding eye contact with me. And so I'd grin and look away. But he didn't smile, it wasn't creepy or anything, but I've never held eye contact with someone that long before. (I'd say a little over 10 seconds maybe?) He never looked away first. I thought it was kind of cute haha. We're pretty good friends though.

So guys: Does eye contact bother you?


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  • You ask a few questions here, but sometimes I'm more likely to hold eye contact with someone I'm comfortable with (and don't have a crush on) than someone I don't know as well and do have a crush on. I'll look over at a girl I have a crush on more, but heavy eye contact is somewhat avoided until we've both established that we like each other. Once the latter happens, no, eye contact doesn't bother me. Sounds like you guys are comfortable with each other and seem to be aware that you like each other.


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  • Well, I am a shy guy and I don't ever hold eye contact with a girl I like. I usually look and then when she looks back at me I would look away either quickly or in a cool kind of way to make it seem like I wasn't looking at her(Lol). But if he smiles at you then that is a good sign! Do you two ever eye flirt? Eye flirting is basically when the two of you would glance at each other and smile in a subtle kind of way while pretending to talk with friends or something hahah.

  • Personally I think it's one the sexiest ways to show you're into someone. It's somehow personal and intimate while being so innocent. I love when girls give me eye contact and I'll do the same thing to a girl that am into. It's a simple way of showing you like someone without being so obvious and screaming it lol.


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