What would you do for a complete makeover? ;*)

What would you do if you could change how you looked? outfit wise? hair wise?

I'm planning to go shopping this Weekend with friends, and want to just 'transform' myself lol.

What do guys find hot ie. clothes, bags, colors, hair?generally speaking. I've seen the safari look come back, the striped cardigan, hobo purses, and pearl nail polish become popular again...please comment or leave pics of dresses in general you think are hot . thx ^_^


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  • u need to find ur inner self

    yes I know that sounds, corny, or what not

    but, trust me, I did it, and I've gotten hit on for it

    ive gone through many styles, from old navy to all black... the thing that I really decided on (the inner me) though is the fact that I truly am a 90's kid. I'm just a jeans, t-shirt, jean jacket and tennis shoes kind of guy (the jean jacket is what really defines the 90's though, in terms of fashion... so yeah you need to find ur true inner self, w/e that may be

    • Lol. yeah I'm aware of myself. I never was into fashion when I was in highschool. it's just something fun to do. I'm not the superficial type, not always chasing after what's out there. that's cool that you're a 90's kid. I've been emo/ goth/ classy/ retro/ w/e I feel like and seriously my inner self will always be the same ^_^ but shopping's fun!

    • Girls and shopping, gotta love em for it

  • cant speak for other guys but there's no such thing as a bag that makes a girl look good. I understand that you need a place to keep your stuff because girls for some reason refuse to wear clothing that have pockets, but when you get a bag that looks anything more than functional and utilitarian it just makes you look high maintenance.

  • I think I may have went a wee bit overboard last year when I bought $1,200 in new clothes and gear. I had just been shot down when I asked a girl out, and there was something I needed to do to 're-invent' myself. Well, I did it. I went from blue-jeans and t-shirts to cargo pants, with a gray/navy blue/khaki/sand t-shirt tucked in, with a belt, with a button-down shirt untucked, and unbuttoned with a new pair of boots. That did alot, but I was just after a confidence boost. Hell, I got it. I love dressing like that, but I'll only do it for work and church.

  • Ladies try growing hair on your legs, that's different. If you feel this is too manly, tie some pink bows in your leg/pit hair once it gets too long...f*ck I don't know

  • That depends, what do you like? ;)


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  • make over well I think make overs are more about the hair they transform people its amazing,

    hair wise it depends on what you look like get it styled cut, and dyed a different colour

    as for clothes well I always say don't follow what's in wear what you like to wear then its your own style and if its in a shops such as H&M , topshop, urbanoutfiiters then its obviously still in fashion but its not a trend

  • Think about your favourite colours and what celebs have a style you like. Personally I like red, navy blue and bright yellow best. I like a vintage and navy style, with a bit of boho rocker thrown in. If you choose your key colours and styles (like military, navy, safari, boho, structure, etc) and think about how they work together then you'll pick a great new look. Nail polish really finishes off a look btw, it just kind of makes you look polished and sure of your style.