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have you ever run away from home? if you did, why did you run away? you don't have to answer the second part. I don't want to pry or anything. I ran away once but then I went home in the end.

i ran away from home once because my family was trashing me. I do everything for them and all they do is trash me and trash me. I do all the chores I do all the cooking I buy all the food. I get nothing from it all. I ran away in the end.


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  • I used to run away or threaten to run away a lot when I was little. I felt like no one listened to me or paid attention to me. So I'd pop out my screen or run out the front door-to my playhouse out back until my dad or somebody came and talked me down. Once I packed my Mickey Mouse bag full of socks and underwear. I made it to the side of the house, but it was windy and cold so I came home.

    Then once when I was 12, my mom told me she thought I needed to "talk to someone" which to me translated as "I think you are a psycho and need to see a shrink". I became really angry and went and stood barefoot on the front porch in semi snow. She *thought* I was running away, but I maintain that I just needed air. She tried to drag me inside and I fought back. It was ugly and ended with me smacking my nail on the door, causing it to bleed (but "winning" the fight) and my mom threatening to call someone to come get me.

    I sometimes still imagine leaving in the middle of the night, buying a bus ticket, and making my way to New York City. Then I could find some boat captain and barter passage to somewhere by offering to help aboard the ship. It's just my imagination though. I have no real reason to run away. No good reason, anyhow.

    So yes, but I guess I've never been really serious about it. It was stupid of me.


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  • I ran away for the same reason you ran away. Tired of doing all of the work, and not being appreciated for it.

    I made a hideout in the forest near my house. I made a fire, and it had a roof... Easy survival tent made out of sticks, and leaves. Stayed there for 2 nights. Best nights of my life. I had to go home because I didn't have any food.

    They would have never had found... Well I guess they would have... And I didn't want to get the police involved. Your not considered a missing person unless your gone for 48 hours...

    So yes I have ran away. Wish I would have brought a knife, and rope. I would have stay out longer. I would have found food somewhere.


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  • lol yeah. back then it was because it wasn't a quiet place to be, and I just wanted to disown everything. just start over.

    that's unhealthy that your family is trashing you. I was verbally abused by my mom for pretty much my whole life.

    i think counselling helps and saving up for a place for yourself if you can. just ignore . I did and now I'm out on my own.

  • When I was a kid, for about five hours, and I was p*ssed at my mom over something.

    But I've dreamt of it, even at 24. The idea of starting a new life without the crap that attaches me to this place is refreshing, but I never do anything about that dream.

  • I think only when I was like 10, probably cause I had to clean my room and I didn't want to.