So, why do girls stare at me/look at me?

I am a pretty strong guy, kinda chubby/muscular, sorta like a jock lol, am also confident and intelligent, so I can see why girls like me.

But, I've got a receeding hairline. lol.

Yet I see girls always starring at me, some even smile to me, others look away quickly when I notice them staring at me.

Do you think they actually notice me because of my looks or are they laughing at my receeding hairline?

btw I also wear glasses, so I don't know maybe I'm a nerd? haha.


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  • I think they notice your looks. I would not stare at someone if they had something funny about them. It is so impolite, to stare for that reason. If the girls are staring at you, and they are proper people than you know it is because they like something about you. I know the feeling when you feel unsure of why they are staring, it can be very misleading.


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  • So. The Rock has a a receding hairline. Doubt that ever stopped the ladies.


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  • It would be because of you looks.

    You need to have more confidence in yourself since you have the qualities to attract women.