What could a girl do to get a guy to notice her?

I know everyone says be yourself -- we also know it doesn't always work. Any tips : What kind of clothes do guys like, hairstyles? I'm so sick of being invisible, I have tons of guy friends, and no prospective boyfriends!


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  • fall flat on your face and a guy will notice you, and then he asks if you're alright, you say, "yeah I'm ok, *give a little laugh* my name is ---, how are you?" and you guys strike up a conversation...it sounds like something out of a movie, but seriously, if you do that in front of a cute guy who doesn't seem like he's in a rush to get some place, I can almost guarantee he'll say something =P but you have to be cute about it, don't start like cursing or anything, don't try to make a huge scene by shrieking or anything...if he's worth giving a damn about he'll take the time to ask if you're ok.


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  • I guess just following the trends, finding outfits that look cute or fixing your hair a bit. I usually look at vogue or elle or some magazine that is about fashion. I also have a lot of guy friends and sometimes they're really helpful in terms of telling you what guys want.

  • If you put up a picture of yourself or a link, I'd be more than happy to help you to alter your hairstyle and whatever else you'd want help with! And I'm a nice one (: x

  • well it all depends, is your style kinda prepy,s8r,rock,etc? jst wear fun clothes, fun colors.

    if you tell me what you like I think I could help you more=D