What would a guy think of me?

I am a women who independent not afraid to allow a guy to help me. I love cars and trucks and like to fix things interested in how things work. I am a handy-women do minor repairs. I do like to dress up and look attractive-pretty all the time. I do my own hair and nails. I m into healthy things exercise and eating right not a health nut but close to it. Very athletic. I like quite time, read and write ,draw. My talents are music, singing, playing piano, clarinet, learning the guitar. I have a nack for computers I like to make documents and flyer's and what not. I'm old fashion. People call me a country girl but I m not I was born in raised in the city. I believe in working for what you want from material things to the way you look. Love helping people. I am 5'2 149 Breast 48D and I wear them well, conservative, yet like to wear clothes to show my shape, small to medium frame. have medium brown curly hair, I ware make up not to much sometimes. My perfume sent is vanilla and lavender. Love listening to people problems!


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  • You sound like an awesome lady. I could see loving to be around you.

  • I would think that you sound like a nice girl worth hanging out with. Sounds like you have a lot to offer a guy.


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