Is he interested or anything? Help me with this guy please!?

Okay so, I was walking in the hallways at school, when I saw this guy that I find really attractive and him and his friend caught me staring at him TWICE! smh -_-" so after that I noticed that he kept looking at me now, like he's waiting for me to look at him longer. BUT I can't look at him any more, I feel mortified every time I do it! I only stare at him and give him a blank face. and he has no reaction at all. plus my locker is some what closer to his, so we see each other every day. and my heart skips a beat every time I see him, and I literally can't breathe, that I need to exhale.should I smile at him? should I keep having an eye contact with him or? please help me! IS HE INTERESTED OR ANYTHING?


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  • I can empathize with you over this. My situation is even worse cause I am a first time supply teacher in a public school and she is an LSA (someone who helps student with special needs) and I have to exhale and keep a straight face in front of the whole class. It's a nightmare that lasts an 45 minutes for 4 times a week and from which you can't wake up .

    Anyways it's hard to tell if he is interested from just a look. It depends what kind of look. He might be interested and he might be thinking the same thing as you are. I don't know. The best thing to do I think is probably the hardest. Ask him. That way you will save yourself a lot of mind bending and hearth throbbing thoughts.


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  • u a senior in high school? you only got 2 months before shcool year is over, wow the year went by really fast. if I was that guy I would not have the balls to initiate contact, I was shy it sucked, never had a girlfriend for many years


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  • ok look chilll out...glance at him in the halls don't stare smie everyonce in a while and ssay hi and try talking to him then you'll knowif he is interested or not