What do you women look for in a man?

I have no idea if I am just ahead of my years or I am totally missing something. What do you look for in a male companion? I have a sense of humor, the body, the looks, the personality. I am a gentleman by nature and I am "built" down below. What is it that I could be missing?


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  • Girls like all that you listed, but you also have to get to know them. Some may be shy, some may feel intimidated, some may not know you like them. You can't make someone like you in the way you seek, of course-- but for every woman who does not wish to pursue a relationship, there is one that feels attraction (but might not vocalize it).

    It is important to be kind, humble, approachable, amiable, understanding, and to do things together. Don't be too revealing about your wants and expectations in the beginning (she will likely feel uncomfortable), and go about befriending her with as little pressure as possible.

    Good luck!

    • Thanks for the advice-I seem to know what I might be doing wrong. Too much pressure in the early stages.

    • I'm glad I could be of aid.

      Too much initial pressure is a common thing. Many people think that if they are fully open in the beginning, they can move through the unlikely matches faster... in reality, though, it makes people feel tense and as if things are moving too fast.

      When I have seen others recognize it in their dating, however, many have been very successful in fixing it and moving on afterward. ^^-

      Good luck!

      And thank you for the BA, too.

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  • I like a guy who is:






    -Has a good head on his shoulders (has good priorities, has a plan for his life, etc...)

    That's what I look for. I also like a guy who is reliable and mature.

    If you are having issues getting a girl, it might be due to your approach. How are you approaching women? Where are you meeting women? How are you presenting yourself to women? These are all important aspects that might be hurting you if you are sending out bad vibes. You may not even intend to, but you need to be aware so you can change how you are being perceived.

    • I have all the above, but I do have aspergers syndrome. Which is very high functioning autism. I am very smart but the way I process information is different from everyone else. So maybe that could be it. I function normally but it can be noticed that I am way to smart for my age.

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    • If it only was that easy lol

    • I'm pretty open minded about looks. I like both clean cut guys and guys with piercings and tattoos. I'm not too picky. I like to get to know a guy before I really know whether he is relationship material or not. A guy can be good looking, but be a complete jerk and be obnoxious, and I am turned off by that.

  • Maybe you`re not as awesome as you think you are.

    • perhaps so, never really said I was awesome. just going by what my friends say. otherwise I don't think like this.

  • Perhaps you have a difficult personality to be around or to connect to. Or you lack interest.

    • im a seasoned cop so my personality is rough around the edges.

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  • good looking and rich

  • umm a little advice dude. girls don't like guys who look like they're about to carry out a school rampage shooting.

    seriously what's with all the guns?

    • Law Enforcement Personnel sir.

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    • good job. the only gun girls are interested in is your come gun ;)

    • lmfao-thanks bro. Which in that case...