Ladies, would you find it arousing?

If you just happen to meet a stranger and he looks at your lips and you haven't known him for ten minutes.

As soon as he saw you he started looking at your lips.

Would you still find it arousing even though you just met him?

Lets say you was a doctor or a teacher and it was a patient or a parent and this is your first time meeting him.

The very moment he walks in the door he starts looking at your mouth.

Would you get aroused knowing that he wants to kiss you?


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  • I think it's kind of weird, in most cases. I'd rather he look me in the eyes and smile.


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  • Most definitely. It is the subtle "not sure how to take this?" thing that would totally drive me wild!

  • Is he hot? Then yes I would be turned on. If not then no I would not, I might actually get annoyed or even creeped out depending on how much he did it.

    • lets say the guy looks like bill cosby but you've never met him a day in your life and as soon as he sees you, he looks at your lips while licking his lips seductively. would you then?

  • No. I wouldn't find it arousing even if I did know him.


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