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Do I look better in blond or dark hair and why

just wondering what clour hair suites me best dark or blond thanks

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  • in all honesty, I rather brunettes, but that's a matter of opinion, so no definitive answer, it is also cultural, here in my country men would drool over a blond, even if was super fake and didn't suit her at all, is just the "ideal" , like I said, I like brunettes BETTER, but doesn't mean I only like dark hair, my girl is very pale and has green eyes so she can have her hair dyed blond (I met her like that) and she looks natural and beautiful, now she stopped dying it as soon as we met (not sure why) and slowly got back to her hazel natural hair, which made it in my eyes even more beautiful, but both are good, and I deeply don't believe that her actual hair is better than the blond one just becuase I prefer it dark, I honestly think it looks better becuase it looks more natural, because, you know it IS natural :P so my adivice would be, don't mind trends, choose what suits you, sure, there'll be more than one color that suit you, and many shades of that color and not all will be as flattering, even if you say blond, you'll have to look for THE right blond, some will work, some wont, but, I may be oldfashioned but, just like you don't have it in your genes to have legs that are 6 foot long (will not suit your body), your legs are of a given lenght, they would look weird if much shorter, and even if people likes long legs, they would look equally weird if too long, your size is the one you have for a reason, and I think color is the same, many colors MAY suit you, but the one that undoubtfully does is the one that you were born with (or close to that)

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  • You don't look like a 'white' blond color suits you. I agreee that a sandy blond would work better with your skin tone and eyes.

  • Your current hair looks beautiful on you. Be proud of it. Enjoy it.

  • That color fits you perfectly. Stunning.

  • Blonde.

  • You look good both ways, but the darker hair accentuates your big blue eyes, and is a more striking look. Let's face it; there are a ton of tan, blue-eyed blonds running around, but not nearly as many blue-eyed brunettes. Since that look works so well on you, and sets you apart from the crowd, that would be my vote.

  • From what I see here, I'd say your colorin gis better suited to dark hair.

  • Blonde hair does suit you from what I see in your pics but I think the best that goes with you and your persona is being brunette. Makes you look sharp and trendy :)

  • Yes, especially in the your main pic. rawr

  • Darker hair and perhaps shorter...I don't mean short, just not long, long.

  • i was very prepared to say no. because I prefer brown hair in general. but I think you look great as a blond. it actually seems to suit your skin tone and complement your eyes better

  • I like it blonde

  • Blonde, makes you look younger.

  • Dark hair. Even though I'm outvoted.I like brunettes better, but in your case there's something spellbind about a a brunette with blue eyes. I also think blond hair & your skin tone don't go together well.

  • You're a good-looking woman, so it wouldn't matter to me if you shaved your head bald. Of course, as long as a woman has a torso and maybe at least a nub of a head, I'm good with it.

  • well typically I prefer brunettes but I think you are a much better blond. You skin tone and eyes really work well with the hair color.

  • I like blond hair on you.

  • I think you look better with darker hair. :)

  • looks good,

  • iam more into black hair, but your hair does look nice

  • Your hair is so light! I like it, but I think I like the darker hair better on you

  • Dark.Or perhaps something in between.Both colors appear just a bit harsh against your skin and eyes.Perhaps a chocolate brown or a sandy brown?

  • Blond

  • Blonde is better with your eyes.

  • For you, I'd say somewhere in the middle.

  • Blond :)

  • No blond hair will not give you a suite unless you happen to hook up with rich guys who like blond hair

  • It doesn't look bad but no sorry it doesn't. I'd say light-brown or brown. Your skin is too tan for that type of Blonde. The last pic you have, that hair color looks best.

  • Blonde hair will always look well on light skinned women.

  • both are nice. But I think the darker version is slightly a bit better ;)

  • Based on your profile pictures, I think that your blond hair looks very good and suits you much better than your one picture with dark hair. I do not feel that the blond is too light, as you mention, and that it matches your skin color and blue eyes very well. Upload more pics for a more comprehensive viewpoint, but I don't think you have anything to worry about! :o)

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