What do I wear????

Ok so I am going to a wedding type thing and I don't know what to wear. I asked my girls and they were no help I wanted to wear a dress with my back out and a short split up the front the dress is black and I have some silver to wear with it and my friends said that I don't want to be to flashy so what do you think is it to flashy or is it ok or should I wear something different?


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  • I hate black at weddings.

    It's a joyous occasion - go for a bit of colour. And go for either a tailored dress, or something with an empire line, or at least not fitted with a slit at the front. That seems more like something you'd wear to a club/party.

    Think of the time of year - it's spring, a nice bright, pretty summer dress, maybe in a silk to class it up a bit, would be more fitting.

    I'm not saying don't dress up - but just dress appropriately.


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  • Many ascribe to the theory that a woman attendee should not overdress for a wedding, so as to not upstage the bride, but I think this is counter-productive. I say, dress as provocatively as possible. If you can manage to catch the grooms eye, and lure him away from his newly taken wife, it's better she find out what he is really like up front, than to spend years in discovery. lol


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  • No, that sounds like something you might wear to a club but not a wedding. Not appropriate. Get a nice empire waisted dress something like this..


    Just basic and black. That back out, slit deal isn't working for church or any formal occassion. Stick with something basic and classic and you'll be fine

  • you shouldn't wear black to a wedding. you should wear some color, it's a happy day =]