Got any tips for curly hair ?

I used to think I was cursed for having nat. curly hair .and would use a flat iron on it everyday and it has made my hair dry brittle and slit ends to no end . then for about a year I stop using heat on my hair and just left it alone and my hair grew really long and was so pretty and I loved it . the only down side was I live in Oklahoma and the weather here in the summber time is very hot and with my long curly thick hair it was really hot and I cut it pretty short like right past my chain and I had to then use a flat iron on it everyday instead of leaving it curly . now for the past year I have been trying to grow my hair out and I have been using a flat iron as well I hate the way it damages my hair so I decided today to go nat. again . I don't like using hair spray because of the smell of it and I don't like the sticky feeling either . I hate the way most products feel in my hair but I have to put something in it or its way way frizzy . so this is what I do .

I take a shower and condition my hair really well and come it out wet then I use a leave in conditioner . then I put a tone of mousse in my hair and let it air dry . it always looks OK like this but still feels somewhat frizzy . do you have curly hair? if so how do you take care of and and what is your tips for styling ?

I am a white female with nat. curly very thick spiral S curls . any advice or tips for growing it longer or style please comment . thank you !

also when I go to bed at night I HATE the way my hair feels with the mousse and stuff in it but if I wash it out I wake up with frizzy hair like no other . what should I do to it at night?


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  • Go with the style of Marilyn Monroe.


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  • Some nice curly hairstyle ideas here and here