If a guy takes your advice..could it mean he likes you?

There's this guy I like and I was asking him why he doesn't wear glasses and he was saying something like "I'd rather be blind than wear glasses, I hate them!" So I said "You should wear them! Guys with glasses are aych-oh-tee OHAYY" (lmfao) and the next day he did wear them..I made notice of when I saw him in the hall I made eye contact with him (we never say hi because he's going one way and I'm going the other so we just smile @ each other) and I went AWWW and told him in the class I have with him that he looks cute with them. Embracing the wearing of glasses, mhm, that's me! But anyways would a guy do this if he likes you? Eh?


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  • Yes, I think that is definitely something a guy would do if he liked a girl.

  • Or maybe he went half blind within a day and couldn't help to put them on.


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