Who let the hoochies out?

Its cold all season, then has soon has its a nice day you see nothing but booty shorts, mini skirts, and cleavage.

I understand it being nice out, and wanting to dress "nice".

But it looks like you selling yourself and you couldn't wait for the weather to be nice so you expose yourself.

It looks low class to me.

What do you think?


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  • I think its a little low class that girls dress like this,but on the same token,I could care less.As long as I am maintaining MY dignity,then they can do what they want.But I also know,that these are the same girls wondering why they are randomly groped,or can't find a real boyfriend...only someone who treats them with disrespect...go figure.If you dress overly sexualized,you will not be treated with respect.Get it together girls.That's my two sense.But at the end of the day,I don't lose sleep over it.


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  • I live in an open tropical country. Hoochies are always showing here and would be weird if you would wear anything long to cover your entire body. Unless it for religious reasons, but even they wear loosely and very thin fabrics.

  • What do I think. I love it!

  • We don't have winter here. link

  • I agree. Most girls nowadays are low class. How often do you actually get to see a beautiful, elegant, classy woman?

  • Nice, ain't it? ahahahah


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  • when it gets hot you wear less clothes. that's common sense. I've noticed the ones who complain don't have the bodies

    • So it's common sense to look like a whore and leave nothing to the imagination? You must be one of those girls with the cheeks hanging out, looking like a one cent whore. I'm 5'6 and 125 lbs I have the body. I wear less clothes, but not so little to where I look nude. That's what I'm talking abut. The ones who present themselves like that. Try reading properly before responding.

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    • In my area there are a lot of prostitutes that wear things with their cheeks and breasts out. A lot of women's that aren't one get mistaken for one when dressed like this and they wonder why. I think if a woman has to bare it all constantly it tells a lot about her and her self esteem,

    • lol well where I live I don't think there are any prostitutes so it's just spring/summer clothing