I followed up for an internship I applied to...this is what they sent me...HELP

At this time, you have not been matched with a supervisor for a summer internship, however, we will pass your resume along to hiring managers that are still looking for a summer intern. If your background and experience matches the candidate they are looking for, they will contact you directly! We also offer internships in the Fall and Spring semesters, so if you are not matched for summer please contact us in July if you would be interested in these opportunities. Thank you again and please feel free to touch base again soon!

im so nervous...is this bad news :( :( I feel so nervous I hate waiting! :(


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  • Sounds like they've not found a spot for you, yet...but are still looking. But I would find a backup plan just in case.


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  • it isn't bad it's not great either. it means they are still looking but it is possible they may not find a spot.