What are ways to stay awake to study? Besides caffeine

Besides copious amounts of caffeine, 5hr energy, etc. What are some things you do to keep yourself up when you need to study? Not necessarily something super strong. Looking something to use infrequently. Not like an every night thing.

I was thinking, perhaps some nice air freshener? Or Vicks or something? Soft, non-distracting music or talk radio (low volume background noise)?

Cold water on the face seems a little extreme. I'm looking for simple, non-extreme things, that tend to keep you a little more motivated for a little longer. Keep your attention just a wee bit higher.

I hope the question makes sense!


I'm not trying to do some sort of "sprinting" study sessions. I'm trying to do more marathon, steady studying, long hours.


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  • Try peppermint oil, it is a natural source that can help keep you awake. It is the smell so you can just either but a little on your neck or get a peppermint oil type freshener. Or you good probably but some drops in a small pot with water and let it simmer.


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  • It always helps me stay focused if I take even just 10 min. breaks periodically to take a short run.


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  • Well there are a couple of ways:

    Take a 20 minute nap every 3 hours and 40 mins. That can become your actual sleep schedule if you're really pressed for time.

    Or you can do 20 jumping jacks at high speed and splash your face with cold water every time you start dozing off.

    Going out for fresh air can work.

  • Take a break every 15 minutes or so, and have some music in the background (not too loud).

  • Apples are more vigorous than caffeine in keeping you awake.

    That's from a research study.

    Also, it helps when you want to sleep right away.

    So, dual purpose for the price of one.

  • Studies have shown that if you have to take stimulants to stay awake, you're long past the point where you're taking in anything useful.

    • I specifically asked for NON- stimulants. Did you read my post at all?

    • Yes, and whether it's stimulants or not, you're obviously talking about staying awake when your body is tired and in need of sleep. And that is the relevant point, not what classification of chemical you choose to put in your body.

    • I do not want to consume anything. Again, it's clear you have not read the original post.