Sweatpants and comfy style. Why do you like it?!?

Guys. I'm disappointed! All the guys love 'girls in sweats cause they are comfy in their own skin and are confident and that's attractive' But it's not even being confident anymore. So many girls do it now that it's not because they're 'confident' or 'comfy in their skin' it's because it's what's in style. It's what all the girls do. That's the only reason they do it. It doesn't require thing like confidence or being comfy in your skin. It requires not being original and just being a bandwagon. The girls who ARE confident and comfy in their skin are the ones who wear cute clothes, and do their hair down (I still do prefer messy hair, but not usually a stupid popular 'I'm not trying' bun) because it's so rare now, because ALL the girls do the whole unoriginal sweatpants thing. You say all these wonderful things and love the ones who do that, when the ones who actually try and wear cute clothes are the ones who deserve it. You're totally blind to this. All the girls (Like me) lately since the style of sweatpants and that stuff has spread, we feel as if were getting a punishment for being ourselves and trying and wearing cute stuff. I've literally been depressed because those girls don't deserve all the attention they're getting for being 'confident.' I want to know you're opinion on this. WHY?!?!


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  • guys do care well guys like me do I guess I dress rather fashionably and I prerfer women who do the same I will not date or hookup with women who wear sweats it reflects tht they just stopped giving a sh*t to look good

    the guys tht you are referring to probably dress sh*tty as well or with no style...

    i never see then as confident when I see a girl in sweats I think either; wow she looks sh*tty today or why is she wearing tht...

    not giving a sh*t about appearance is sad and probably the opposite of confident they probably just say theyre confident to mask their hidden self worth/appearance issues...


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  • We don't care about fashion, and what's in and out, at all.

    If it looks good, we like it, if it doesn't, we don't.

    We are not nearly as interested in confidence in you, as you are in us.

  • on behalf of all guys.

    this stuff your saying... we don't care... if your hot then your hot

  • I believe girls do this because they are being lazy, not because it's fashion. You should not go out in public in sweats, IT LOOKS TERRIBLE!

    • Ugh. Yes it does!

      Where I live everyone looks like they just rolled out of bed and I constantly have to defend why I put effort into my appearance.

    • Because the rolled out of bed look, looks terrible on women...it's an excuse to be lazy

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  • ok first off don't say you are depressed about this, it makes you sound like an insanely spoiled, materialistic brat. second your entire rant is pretty dumb, just wear whatever you want. it's not like guys will find you unattractive if you're not wearing sweatpants lol

  • I agree with that.when I was going through depression,I looked bummy, didn't wear makeup do my hair and wore sweats all the time. Guys with nothing going for them and low self esteem were the main ones approaching me because they thought I would accept it.why? First impressions.some guys are just intimidated by a confident looking woman and use reverse psychology mind games by saying women who dress up are stuck up...no they just have confidence must of the time.

    Now when I make an effort in my looks I notice I get better quality men.the low self esteem losers are to intimidated so they weed themselves out.the bummy hoodrat dudes, or the ones looking for girls to prey on move along to some chick who looks like she may or may not have showered.the types of guys girls who make an effort will be better

  • I'm pretty sure confidence has very little correlation with clothing and hair choice.

    • I'm pretty sure it does.. It depends on your confidence. It's what we see, what you're first judged by, it defines you. Doing what everyone else is doing requires no confidence as you feel as the majority and you don't have to worry about anything. Dressing like YOU want to and sticking yourself out there as YOU are is confidence because you don't know what will happen, you could get made fun of or teased or talked behind your back about. It is very correlated.

    • But not everyone's confidence is based on the validation of others. Not everyone's confidence is based on clothing in general. I couldn't care less about fashion but I have plenty of confidence. The person who dresses like what you think everyone else dresses like could genuinely enjoy dressing that way. It doesn't seem like you understand what confidence is and how it works. Confidence doesn't mean standing out and being unique. They aren't mutually exclusive.

    • I was thinking about that... I just couldn't think of a better word than confidence, so don't base it on that word.. my opinion isn't something that can really be described by a simple adjective. That's just as close as I could get. I most definitely understand confidence, I was aware of the slight mistake, but nothing could be done.