Guys: how do you like girls to dress?

Just asking because I'm a little confused...

I used to dress casual like jeans, t-shirts, sweaters and trainers.

But now that I'm 18, I've changed my style a lot, and I prefer using more dresses, skirts, jeans, boots and heels (sometimes).

Thing is all the guys that I know say that they liked me more when I dressed casual and simple. But I don't get it.. I'm still simple, I've just changed from trainers to boots/heels and sweaters to a little more feminine and adult shirts.

So.. question is... How do you like girls to dress in general?


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  • I like both equally, though I find dresses, skirts, blouses & such more feminine! The look that's the most attractive is girls with something tucked in or some kind of belted/fitted waistline, but I like it best when girls where the styles that they themselves prefer. My BFF has to tuck for work, & while she looks cute/fine as hell, she also looks out of place like that because I know she hates it & it's not her! I think your friends are just used to you the other way. My Girlfriend got the same thing when she started tucking in her shirts & friends were saying she should wear them out again, but she gets more looks & compliments now from strangers than ever before! It sounds to me like you'd look fantastic both ways, so if you like dressing this way better now, stay true to yourself & stick with it! They'll get used to it!


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  • I like a more feminine look on girls, skirt, dress, girlie colors, etc. However, that does not mean that I think every girl should dress like that. It is always attractive when a girl just dresses how she likes without caring what others think.

  • Shouldn't be dressing to impress the opposite sex...should be dressing for YOU!


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  • Girl, just wear what makes you feel good about yourself. Don't try to guess at what guys will like. There are guys out there who prefer a girl who dresses up all the time, and there are guys who like girls who wear jeans. Maybe you're friends with guys who dislike a girl who seems "high maintenance" and needs an hour to get ready before she leaves the house, and they'd prefer a girl who can just throw on some jeans, run out the door, and still look beautiful and confident. Maybe your friends think you're "trying too hard" to be attractive, and they like a girl who is genuine and not looking for attention with her clothes. But who cares what those friends think? Are you trying to date any of them? Just be yourself. If a more feminine style makes you happy, stick with it.

    Wear what makes you happy, and what looks best on you. If you start wearing heels all the time because the guy you like says he likes heels best, then you're eventually going to start dating one of these guys long term. You'll get sick of having to dress up all the time, and you'll start to revert to your favorite way of dressing, and then your boyfriend will feel disappointed because you lured him in with heels and dresses and then became a jeans girl when you got more comfortable with him. Much better to wear what you feel good in and find a guy who likes you for the person you are, instead of trying to wear what guys like even though you prefer to dress in other ways.

    Good luck on your quest for your ideal personal style! I'm 29, and I'm still figuring out my own personal style. What I wore in high school changed when I went to college, and my post-college wardrobe changed a great deal as well, when I realized that I needed to start dressing more professionally for my job. Today, I wouldn't wear most of what I wore in high school, but certain style elements still survive. I wear what flatters my body and makes me feel comfortable for whatever situation I happen to be in, work or hanging out with friends, and I've never had trouble attracting guys, even when my clothing styles were unconventional and not what the average guy would have liked.