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So I have naturally wavy hair, but it has the potential to be really wavy/curly. But I swear I have tried a ton of products to make my hair wavy and none of them have worked out. So I figure it must be something I am doing wrong. I wash it, put a product in it, then dry it with a diffuser. And when I am done it doesn't even look good. Like I want it to look wavy and nice, but even after I mess with it and try to fix it, it ust falls and looks awful.

And it's not even that wavy/curly after I'm done drying it, a few pieces on top are wavy but mostly it's just really poofy with a little wave to it, and it's all tangly and everything.

So I have been wearing my hair straight for the past 2 weeks an I really want to wear it curly but I have no idea what I am doing wrong.

Right now I have aussie scrunch spray and herbal essences gel. When I first tried them they worked great but after the first time they just do what I described above.



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  • Don't use that scrunch spray because it just makes your hair hard and crusty, same thing for any gel.

    There are a variety of "wave" products that you can buy, I always buy salon brands (like from my stylist) but it can be expensive, I just got into the habit of buying from there, I find I get the best results that way.

    But if you want to go cheaper, I think there's a wave line by Sunsilk, there's the spray and the cream or something, there in blue bottles.

    Anyhow, whichever route you choose to go with, when your blow drying your hair your using the big circle attachment thing right? Ok well when your doing it, flip your head upside down and use your fingers to tousle and scrunch your hair (alternate) flip your head back up and tousle and scrunch, then side to side, keep repeating until its dry.

    Then, when its dry, use a wax or something like that (SMALL amount) rub your hands together so its completely spread out and run your fingers lightly through your hair to separate and define the look. And even go from underneath and push up to lift from the roots so its not flat (I hate flat hair lol)


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  • I just use herbal essences 'body envy' weightless volumizing gel when I have my hair damp, just after brushing it. Then I spray 'instantly thick' by marc anthony, all over for some hold. It doesn't get hard or poofy or anything. I have straight to wavy hair, which tends to be more to the straight side, and I end up with defined waves (: Oh, I also use a hair straightener to fix some pieces in the front and I'm done. I used to blowdry it but it gave me poofy hair like you said it left yours. Plus, it's bad to expose your hair to heat everyday.

  • i used to straighten mine and sleep on it, then curl it with curlers the next mornng and 'big sexy' hair spray..lasts for 2 days