What are guys' impression of feminine mma girl with keyhole surgical scar on the knee?

tore my left acl while sparring. relatively long and smooth leg apart from 1.5 inch (length) scar from the keyhole surgery. looks a lot like a normal girl on the street with mid length hair. rather slim if not healthy weight. not super muscular or dangerous looking despite leading a not very safe lifestyle and being slightly boyish at times. not very embarrassed about the scar but my parents seems to be super worried about how scarred girls being less desirable. are scars on girls really a turnoff? my scar is relatively new. not sure if it will grow or fade in the future..


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  • It's nothing to worry about. Being in MMA is actually a big plus for girls--most don't realize it, but when a girl does a physical thing, like she's a dancer, a boxer, a swimmer, etc--it helps boost guy's opinions of her. If girls were smarter, most of them would start something like that. It's like a guy buying a good rolex copy or just learning a bit of game.

    A small thing that's a big plus. Don't worry about the scar, being in MMA is worth it, for a girl. As long as you don't have a nasty attitude, lmao.

    • The one thing to note is, MMA has a similar effect to other professional sports--do it for years, and you'll destroy yourself. Like, Muay Thai, their kicks involve maximum force, etc. It tears a lot of people apart.

    • haha. yea. never regretted taking up mma. I guess I really have to work on strengthening up to prevent future injuries. was too weak. are you a fighter? you sound really passionate about mma.

    • A little bit, as far as boxing/kenpo. I'm hoping to get back into it this summer. That, and get a bit better with handguns.


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  • I honestly don't care much about scars. I've been attracted to girls that have noticeable scars.

  • it's okay for the scar I don't mind.

  • I don't care about them.

  • Muscle is pretty cool. If you're an MMA fighter, power to you. So long as you're also not one of those ultra aggressive girls who picks fights, or gets physically abusive, then yeah, I don't care. I say good for you for being in such great shape. So long as you and I get along, I'd date you.

    As for your scars, frankly scars don't matter. Scars happen. Especially if you're a fighter. I've dated girls with nastier scars than that, and I know a guy who is marrying a girl with some nasty slash wounds on her stomach. I think guys can over look this stuff. If not, they're shallow and not worth your time anyway. But hey, if you ever want a more accurate response, I guarantee posting pictures up online somewhere will get you a more accurate, and probably more honest response. (Not that I'm telling you to, or even asking you to, post pictures.)

    Anyway you sound fine. Don't worry. You'll be fine.

    • posted a pic of the fresh post op wound and a pic of my leg taken a few years before the injury (abit stumpy frm the bad camera angle ) under my profile. haven took any pics of my leg lately. not very into taking my own pics. the wound is still very fresh so I'm not quite sure how it will look after it finish scarring. but I've seen a dermatologist and she's pretty sure it will.scar

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    • oops I din notice its anonymous. just changed it. anywayz thanks fer the replies :))

    • Yeah that looks pretty painful, and it probably will scar, yeah. Probably even a deep scar. However, I am pretty sure it's something that can be overlooked. I wouldn't consider it a deal breaker. Some might, but as I said, those would be shallow A-holes, you'd be better off without, anyway.

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