What's the deal with developing leagues yet it's agreed that beauty is subjective?

I don't get how leagues can exist, in terms of beauty, when beauty is subjective. I mean if someone was average looking and was told to look for other average looking or lower people. Couldn't it be that these other average looking people can be seen as way above average to other people? Another thing is that can someone really tell someone else the league that they are in when others may disagree that everyone associated that league in on different calibers of beauty?


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  • Beauty is a little bit subjective and a whole lot not.

    • What do you mean by 'a whole lot not'?

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    • When you refer to attributes, are you talking about both physical and personality attributes?

    • Yes. The weight between them is different for men and women as well. Its harder for women to overcome physical deficiencies then men, though its not like its 100 vs. 0% significance.


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  • Honestly I don't base people on looks I base them on personality and behavior but in answer to your question I think that league thing is really silly so don't worry about it (I think they just don't want to have more fun or they are to lazy to get to know people). =^-^=

    • I guess it is the idea of beauty being objectified by people so with this being said, people believe they can develop leagues.

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  • It's really subjective for most people because it's in the eye of the beholder.