Girls - how would you compare a really good looking guy vs. a well rounded guy?

Say, if a guy was very good looking and tall like a model. Obviously lots of female attention. Like, most of your friends talk about him and try to chat him up when they see him.

vs. a guy who was good looking, but not model-hot. But is smart, grounded, funny, good job, sporty, popular, organised, has leadership, generally well rounded?

Who would you consider dating?


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  • The good-looking, well-rounded guy would be my choice all day any day. Being attractive means so much more then just looking like Ryan Gosling. Besides, models are often over-rated :P


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  • I would choose a well rounded guy. Because just because you are model-like handsome doesn't mean you are popular and hot. ;] And personally I really like "hot" guys. I'd rather date hot and a little less handsome guy than date nerdy but handsome guys. Plus, lots of girls like sporty, popular, has leadership kind of guys. Like, HOT guys.

  • I would date both at the same time and then choose from there. I'd probably date the really good looking guy for fun but then get in a relationship with the well rounded guy. But both of them seem like great guys so why not experience both?


What Guys Said 1

  • Most will go for the well-rounded guy...he will stimulate her emotions more than the good looking guy that is just a hollow shell on the inside. :-P