How do I become a good looking guy?

well I've been thinking a lot of things umm well one I ain't such a good looking guy to be honest you know I have very low self easteam yea it sucks for me but I don't know I feel like I'm not a good looking guy like my style is baggy pants and not so big shirt but one size bigger so it ain't tight I hate tight jeans cause it makes my balls look like a divsion sign yea it that lame for me anyways I feel like this cause I don't know why but I am soon to be marines if God wishes but yea I am skinny I bearly wieght 145 and I need to get better so yea I don't know is there any hope like how would I need to dress or hair cut ? to look better or some how?


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  • Good looking people are generally people who simply put more effort in to their appearance than others.

    First of all, NO BAGGY CLOTHES! They make people look unkept. I can't tell you what exactly to wear because that is solely dependent on you. Go to a mall and in to a lot of stores and try different things on to see what you think looks good and you feel comfortable in.

    Find your own style and ROCK IT! That's what makes people hot :)

    Exercise, eat well and take care of yourself - it shows!

    Every man can rock hair like Bruno Mars :)


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  • check out this site link It has lots of stuff ( especially the fashion basics ) so you can learn how to dress properly. Also on grooming. If you're dressed well and properly groomed. That's the majority of the battle won right there. Other than that, just hit the gym and work on your body to be the best it can be.

    This is basically all that's possible to do, working with what god has given you

  • You can become a good looking guy by attending to your dress. Be stylish. Also, tending to your hair will increase your good-lookingness.

  • being confident helps more than being good looking (as long as you're not really really really ugly)