How can I make him do the first step?

So it all started 2 weeks ago when on Monday morning I was waiting for my bus to school on the bus stop that I always get on. There was a guy on the bus that was looking at me and smiling. I didn't see his face properly so I just presumed he was someone I know. He did the same next day and on the 3rd day I could see his face properly and I know now that I don't know him,

However, it seems like a great fun! I have no idea who he is, he is really good looking, has a nice smile and he kinda makes my day.

What can I do to make him do the first step or do anything at all? What should I do next time I will see him, how should I react?



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  • You should try talking to him. That's the first step, and everything will flow from that.

    • We don't get on the same bus. His stops stops at my bus stop for about 5 minutes and then takes off, I get on other bus so I can talk to him..


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  • How about you do the first step? Stop expecting guys to do all the first moves/initiate things. If you like him, go up and talk to him. Just talk about something in relation like the weather or if he's holding a phone you know a bit abuot or ask him about the phone or just find anything and everything to talk to him about. Don't be nervous, it's just a guy. If he doesn't respond, oh well, his loss. But it's likely he'll respond. But ya, don't let insecurities or fear or anything prevent you from taking the first step.


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  • Has he ever talk with you?If yes, how do you respond to his? If not, then the next time he talks to you, remember to be gentle to answer, be polite. Don't be too nervous. If you love him, you just tell him. I hope you will succeed.