Bigger girls, are you confident with wearing swim suits in the summer?

Compared to thin girls in bikinis? Is it uncomfortable for you to go to pools or beaches in the summer? Or are you confident?

I guess I would be talking to like size 14 and up here

Bigger guys can answer too, but somehow I doubt bigger guys care as much


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  • I'm "plus size". Depending on where I get the clothes, I'm sizes 16-20. Usually 16/18.

    I won't say I have no insecurities at all (that would be a big ass lie lol) but I just got to a point where I was like "f*** it. everyone knows I'm fat already." and then it wasn't as big an issue.

    I do sometimes feel more uncomfortable when I'm with a bunch of my thin friends and I'm the only big girl. Because I'm the only one...Not that I can't stand on my own, but its always easier with people similar around you in one way or another, you feel more at ease and less singled out in peoples minds.

    But with my fat friends, its so comfy. Because we're all jiggly. ha ha With my fat friends, we could all be in swim suits and its like heeeeeeeey! link

    Thats not us but that's what we're like when we're all together at the beach. It just feels good. :)


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  • im thin but I stretch marks on my leg therefore I don't think I will not be wearing bikini this summer :(

  • No not really

  • I am like a size 12 and I would never wear a bathing suit even when I was a 6 I didn't want to. I am just not a confident person and don't want people looking at my body. I do think you are partly right tho. There are a lot of big girls that have no shame.

  • I'm a thin girl in a bikini and I'm not even comfortable


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