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I'm the type of guy who doesn't really care for makeup. Yes lip gloss little eyeliner or shadow is fine but when you have more than that everyday its so unnatural and un healthy itsa little bit of a turn off. I don't mind when crazy special occasion or event happening but most of the time I appreciate a woman with almost no makeup. Now I understand for those who have to because of scars or terrible acne or other thing your more comfortable keeping hidden that I understand.

Yeah I did this quickly, just wondering what your thoughts are on this, and how others feel about makeup themselves.


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  • Is this your view about makeup? I agree with you. Make ups shouldn't be overused. It just make them look like clown.


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  • Well... thanks for sharing.

    You wanna know what I don't like? When I buy a magazine and it has 8,000 of those little mail-in card thingies for subscriptions. When I open the magazine to read it, they fly out all over the place and it pisses me OFF.

  • Do you have a question in there for us? I'm not sure what you want to know.

    • @update: Everyone has their preferences I guess. I think some guys, when they say they don't like makeup, are picturing a girl who uses it in a way that's unflattering or glaringly obvious. Most of the time though, you wouldn't be able to tell she's using much of it at all (concealer, foundation, etc. not obvious eye make-up) until she takes it off.

      I like using some amount of make-up, it's creative and I think it makes you look better and more presentable when you're out.

    • If I had a boyfriend who didn't like it, well I don't know. It might just be something he has to accept about me, because I wear it to look nice overall and I personally enjoy it. No guy's had a problem with it yet though. If it's just us I could omit putting it on I suppose, when we're just hanging out and it's casual. I'd probably find some way to compromise.

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  • Is this a question, or do you want people's opinion on what your view of makeup?

    I don't really like makeup. I'm a traditional/religious person, so my future girlfriend, hopefully, doesn't use makeup.

  • I don't think many guys like makeup on girls, it's just that we're often less likely to like the girls when we see them without makeup. Makeup is intended to highlight and flatter, not to be noticed.

    Exceptions include but are not limited to: you work in a circus, or you wear drag