Did he hint that he wants my baby?

I have been with my boyfriend for 4 months, we are mad about each other. he is 34 and I am 24. he is settled in life andhis dad is ill.

when we went out for dinner he told me to look at cute children on the opposite table. and said that he wants a son one day. we have not talked about the future-such as marriage or having kids.

He also got excited when we went shopping and there was a new born baby. HE STOPPED TO ASK WHAT HER NAME WAS ETC. he was extremely excited and happy.

from this I know he likes children. but he brought the topic up in the restaurant and told me to look at the cute toddlers. was he hinting anything or looking for signes?

Please help! thanks :S


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  • I think someone who has been dating for 4 months has a long way to go before deciding to start a family. I don't think there was much more to it than you describe, guys dont' think that complexly when doing stuff like that.


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  • He's not hinting something. He really likes babies.


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  • Maybe he just wants to know your point of view on having children one day. He really likes kids, would like to be a dad someday, but not within the next couple of months probably. You're just together for four months, give it time. I doubt he wants kids right now.