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Are skinny legs combined with a big butt a bad thing?

My butt sticks out a little too much and someone told me it looks weird because I have thin legs. Most girls who have big butts have slightly thicker... Show More

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  • I bet it's fine. There was a girl on here a few minutes ago trying to learn ways to make her butt bigger. Love your body. There are lots of guys out there than will be attracted to you and won't judge yourself nearly as much as you do. Women can look beautiful with lots of body types.

What Guys Said 8

  • I'm sure that guys will not me measuring the proportion between how thick/thin your legs are with how big/small your butt is. Don't worry. Nothing weird about it.

  • Is it like Kim Kardashian-size? lol So...tempted...to...post...sir mix-alot's big butts... XD

    Big butts don't turn me off lol...but anyways...

    You can't make your butt muscles any smaller. The only thing you can do is to make your quads and hamstrings muscles bigger and toned to make it more proportional to your booty.

  • It's a great thing to have what you have...you'd have me checking you out I'm sure haha

  • Don't give it another thought. Keep working on it. Show it off with good clothes. Enjoy it. You have something special there.

  • Don't make it smaller thin legs with a nice butt is hot. That person was probably just jealous.

  • Yes but I doubt it's as extreme as the example of a person I'm thinking. You're young so you'll fill out anyway.

  • A toned, medium butt is good. A big butt is kinda bleh to me, particularly with skinny legs that accentuate it. Just my opinion.

What Girls Said 7

  • It's probably not even that serious.

  • If you have a big butt and stick legs, yeah it probably looks disproportionate. Disproportionate does not necessarily mean bad. But, you're probably a perfect candidate for squats (with weight). It will give you a better legs and a better ass.

  • No

    But most girls with skinny legs don't have big butts and their ideas of a big butt manage to still be small...

  • i can't see that being a bad thing

  • Its not a turn off lol . Most guys seem to prefer that. Do your friends have flat asses ? They seem like haters. Keep doin what your doin and don't trip of what people say. Nothings ever perfect and you actually have a blessing !

  • You're fine.Don't worry.

  • No every woman's body is different

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