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Regarding breast checks.

They tell you that you should check your breasts for signs of breast cancer. But they never told how to do that. So...help?


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  • Last thing before I go to bed is that I always check my breasts. Use both hands and check each breast one at a time and only using your fingers push down and feel all around. Don't forget to check around your nipples and underarms. If you find a odd lump ( different from the rest of your breast tissue) it can have a smooth outline or slightly lumpy or jagged. I may move or not. Check your actual nipples as well, if they ozze blood then go be seen straight away.. I found a very large lump on my breasts two years ago but I was one of the lucky ones and it was not cancerous. I kinda learned myself.. I'm pretty sure you will know if something just doesn't feel right, like me..


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  • You should've just asked them


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