What does it mean when a guy looks deeply into your eyes?

This guy and I have friends for a while. We always talk and do stuff together at school. When I first met him he wasn't like this, he was so outgoing. I don't know how to explain but now everything feels a bit awkward. I can always catch him looking and sometimes staring at me from a distance (That really deep stare and I looked so plain that day) and whenever I look at him in the eyes, there's this...I can't really explain but it does make me feel that he likes me. He's been showing a lot of hints too like what a guy would normally do to someone he likes.

I've always had feelings for him but the thing is he has a girlfriend. Although he has given a lot of signs, he hasn't told me anything about his feelings and what he thinks of me. And because of this too, I am very reluctant to show him I like him and that I care about him. I don't know if he's playing me, if he's bored or what... I don't want to be a third party either. But now I feel kinda guilty for turning down all his offers and pretending not to care when it's so obvious already that he's just trying to get my attention.

Guys if you have a gf, would you do this to another girl?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Nope, because if ur committed to that girl, why should he look longingly into another girl's eyes? You'd do well to keep ur distance from him (at least in that manner)


What Girls Said 1

  • In exactly the same situation! I think he wants you, but doesn't want to cheat. At the same time, he's totally into you and would love to kiss you, but again, doesn't want to cheat. At least that's what my crush says. We've only joked about hooking up but he says he could never kiss another girl while he has a gf, even though ALL he does is talk shit about her to me, NEVER anything nice, or even what I'd call respectful. If he were MY bf and talked that shit about me to his friends at school (she doesn't go there, thank god), I'd kill him, but that's her call. He says this to a mutual friend who could tell her if he wanted to. I don't really know her but I feel sorry for her. At the same time, I am drawn to this guy in a way I can't fight. He stares at me and I feel the heat of him looking at me. His eyes hypnotize me, even though I don't go for guys with brown eyes usually. I just want to kiss him but any time it seems like we are about to, he gets all awkward. He will stare at me for minutes on end, just smiley all dopey like a puppy. It's cute but it's mean bc it makes me want him so much and I know he knows. He has to know! And if he won't act on it bc he's too "good" a bf (who announced to our class how he's going to dump lt gf right after graduation!) to kiss me, I can't take it! He has to stop staring unless he's going to act on what seems to be a decent amount of mutual lust. My face got so hot just from him saying my hair looked great today! But things get super quiet and awkward at times, like when I drop him off at his house. He says goodbye and then lays his head on my shoulder instead of front hugging me or facing me so I could kiss him. I swear he thinks he's going to kiss me if we have the chance and he's trying to stop himself. We have been fighting about him not hugging me anymore. A couple of weeks ago he hugged me and rubbed his cheek on mine like he wanted to kiss me and then stopped the hugs for a while until I insisted. I think he feels it too.