Guys what are things that you look for in a future girlfriend?

What are some things that you look for in a girlfriend besides looks? Please be specific. How high maintenance she is, how smart she is, how responsible, how well she cooks, how serious and goofy she is? What do you look for?


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  • Besides looks, here let me make you a list :

    - Smart enough to keep me on my toes, but not pretentiously smart

    - High maintenance when we're together, but low when we're not. I love feeling that a girl really needs me when we're together in person, but when we're not I don't want to feel guilty for not texting every 5 minutes.

    - Takes responsibility when she's wrong, but also doesn't mind letting me know when I'm stupid

    - Don't really care how she cooks, I like to do the cooking

    - Goofy? I'd rather she be funny, goofy sounds kind of cringey

    - Doesn't mind trying new things

    - Loves to cuddle ALOT, I think my number one hobby with girlfriends is cooking a huge bowl of spaghetti and cuddling up to watch a film

    - Good at communicating, problems can't get solved if they're left in the dark

    - Doesn't get over offended, I hate when people over think everything.

    - Accepts my goals and ambitions, and doesn't want to stop me from doing things that I have set (I spend a lot of time at the gym, and my routine is fixed)

    - Has her own social life and isn't solely dependent on me for company (not that I wouldn't mind being her one and only friend, just that isn't healthy)

    - Quirky attitude

    - Hygeine is like up there near no.1. Bad hygeine for me is an instant deal breaker

    - Doesn't rush into commitment. I like to take things slow, so when a girl says "I love you", on the second date, it really is a massive turn off.

    - Doesn't use sex to make me want to start a relationship. This is more recent, a lot of girls seem to rush into sex really early in the relationship so the guy gets hooked in, I guess this point is about having self pride.

    I've probably forgotten a lot of stuff, but here's my unfinished list :P


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  • No high maintenance girls, please. I just want to have fun, not have to put up with all the bitching.

    She's definitely gotta be smart to a point. I'm not asking for a genius, but I'm asking for one who has common sense. But it would also help if she knew certain topics to keep the conversation flowing, even if it's just pockets of ideas. But if there's one thing that turns me on about girls who are smart, it's when they get all nerdy and passionate about a subject matter that they like.

    Responsible, of course, that's a given. Goes back to the whole common sense factor. She doesn't need to be a cook, although I do have a secret wish that someday a girl bakes me cookies though... Damn, I said it, so it's no longer a secret...

    I would also like it if the girl appreciates my hobbies and is willing to take part in it. For example, I'm a gamer so I would really like it if my girl takes time to play videogames with me. You know, for the sake of bonding and all.

  • lol besides looks? I look for a layed back girl, somebody that I can have come over and just play video games and talk to her for a while and she doesn't expect me to take her out and buy her dinner, she's gotta like being outside, because whether she likes it or not I'm dragging her ass to the beach with me XP, she's gotta put out (that's pretty obvious but just saying it) obviously not whenever we hang out, just like once or twice a week, but its gotta be spontaneous not like old married couples where it's on Thursday! I don't really care about food so as long as she can make a lot of it... and for a girl to marry she's gotta be willing to have a lot of kids, because I want a lot of boys

  • The only thing I look for in a girl is whether or not she is giving me any indicators of interest. In other words, beggars can't be choosers. But not even that has gotten me a girlfriend, so go figure.

  • big boobs.

  • Realistic standards in guys.


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  • Big boobs and a big ass