Why do good-looking people think they're ugly?

I hate seeing posts here, or on internet forums where people complain about how ugly they are. They claim people make fun of them for being ugly, and that they are depressed from their looks. So someone requests to see a picture, and they post a picture of a gorgeous person. Just spent the last few days giving someone advice because I've gone through an ugly stage a few years ago, but changed. I finally convinced her to post a picture of herself. She is so damn beautiful. Most guys I know would give anything to be with her. There is nothing at all ugly about this woman. I told her she isn't ugly, it's all in her head and it's just BDD. She took offense to that and stopped talking to me.



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  • Two reasons:

    1) Many, many girls (mostly) and guys do that in order to recieve more attention, approval and comformation. They want people to tell them how beautiful they are. They are what we call "Attention seekers". When you try to confront them about it or try to burst their bubble, they get you out of their way and try to find other people who won't understand their big play.

    2) They truly have low self-esteem They just can't help it. It's something that's built-in inside their head saying "You're ugly! You're ugly! You're ugly!". And, no matter how hard you try to convince them otherwise, they won't believe you. They change how they think when they decide to, not for anyone else. And, they may never change at all.

    In the end of the day, you did what you can do. You were honest about it. It's her loss. I hope oneday she realizes how beautiful she is and that she wasted too much time crying over something that's only in her head.


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  • People are their own worst critics after all.

    But there's a cynical side to this, though:

    a) The girl truly doesn't know she's pretty (and could possibly be a case of BDD for some).

    b) The girl knows she's pretty, but is modest about her looks because it's unimportant to her.

    c) The girl knows she's pretty, but PRETENDS like she doesn't because it feeds her ego when people comfort her by saying, "Oh no, you're not ugly at all. You're really pretty." Kind of like a means of getting attention, so to speak.

    I guess you'd have to know the girl long enough to find out if she's being genuine with her claims.

    • I am thinking it would be A or C. She's obsessed with how ugly is she, so I don't think it's modesty where she doesn't care about looks. Either she has a bad case of BDD (which she claims she doesn't have it) or she is just loving the attention from internet people. She says people are constantly telling her how ugly she is, and she never thought she was ugly until people told her she was. But I just don't believe people call her ugly, unless it's jealous girls. But she says men reject her.

  • She probably gets called ugly because she has a nasty personality. People generally react negatively to that, and will say mean sh*t when provoked.

  • If you're a good looking girl, many guys will be too scared of rejection to ask you out. Even some of the guys who aren't too scared will assume that you have a bad personality or low intelligence.

    If you're a good looking guy, your looks aren't going to help at all if you have no confidence and charm.

    Most people, if they don't have much success with the opposite sex, assume that it must be bad looks, because looks are the first thing you notice when you encounter someone, and because sex in general is so tied to looks.


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