Guys is age or looks of a woman more important to you?

If there are 2 girls to chose, one is 29 and smoking hot and looking like 20, and one is 18 and average looking and looking like 20 as well.

Which one would you rather date / sleep with?


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  • Definitely prefer the hot 29 year old. She's likely to still look hot in 10 years time. She might even look pretty damn good in 20 years.

    The average looking 18 year old might not even look as good as average in 10 or 15 years.

    Also older women tend to be more emotionally mature and better at sex. I'm 22 and the best sex, and the best relationship, I ever had was with a smoking hot 36 year old woman.

    • I actually agree with most of the stuff you said. Interesting to know men thinks the same way.

      Just curious, if a men is looking for a sugar baby.. would the 29 years old give him the ego boost he looks for?

    • I don't think getting a sugar baby is about getting an ego boost. It's companionship and sex in return for money and gifts basically. I don't think any guy would get an ego boost from it.

    • ah I see. I thought guys do that to show off he has money to spend LOL see I don't know guys after all!


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  • Smoking hot 29 year old.

  • The second one. Yes, age and looks matter.

    • if they both look 20 and you still wanna go for the average looking one? you are something else bro

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    • I just can't , bro, the question is very unrealistic. It's misleading, and you can clearly see an undercover intention. Anyway, thanks for the advice and I'll put it on practice next time.

    • No hard feelings bro. I guess its hard to beleive untill you see it for yourself. Young looking and non slutty women do exists. You gotta be very lucky to run into them. And gotta have what it takes to attract and keep them around.

  • the hot one, age doesn't matter.

  • Looks is more important.

  • The 29 year old.

    Marry? That might be different.

  • I will do them both!

    No just kidding I will chose the 29 years old one. Gisele Bunchen is 32 and she is hot as hell!


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