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And a girl who you haven't exchanged names w yet have had a couple convos w and you have no mutual friends w added you on fb would you think she's a freak? He hasn't messaged me even though I added him and I have class w him on Tuesday and I don't know how to act...last time we were in class together he kept looking at me but I didn't look at him and a little vise versa... So I thought I'd just add him but I'm afraid he might think I'm a stalker


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  • I don't think he will think you are a stalker. It seems like to me that he is very shy and it looks like he wants to talk to you but maybe he doesn't know what to say to you so he looks at you instead. Also he could be looking at you because he thinks your cute. I tend to look at girls I think are cute.Maybe try to smile at him and look away. Do yo uand him even talk or sit close in class?

    • Well he got to class first and sat w a seat inbetween us

    • Well that is pretty close. I assume you can see him from the corner of your eye when he is staring at you.He should be trying to talk to you if he is staring at you.


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  • You're being paranoid.

  • It's fine. Nothing to worry about.


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