Is he still interested? was he ever interested?

So there is this guy and we have three classes together. We have been talking everyday in math since we sit beside each other for about two months. Just last week he brought up this trail he likes to walk and since I like biking I asked him where it was because I like to try new trails ansd stuff. So it seemed like he got really excited and he drew me this map and everything. So that night I went to look for the trail but couldn't find it.

So the next day I told him and he said he could be my guide on Fridaywhen iI went biking. So Friday came and he never brought it up. At the end of the day I said 'I don't know if you still want to go biking... because its raining'. Then he looked at me surprised and was like 'oh yya' as if he forgot about the whole thing. When I said maybe another day he stood there and was like, maybe.

So should I bring it up? Was he ever interested? Did he just act like this because he didn't want to seem too attached? Idk

He actually brought it up again Monday and now we gonna go this week. :)


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  • You have to hang out with him to really find out. Being in the same class with someone does not make him committed to actually hanging out with you because you two take the same classes and you just happen to be there. Get him to hang out with you on this trail and then figure it out.


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  • hard to say, but I wouldn't say its impossible. Keep hanging out with him


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  • Just bring it up again and see what happens.