Why do guys act all interested but pull back and then act like they don't like you?

This guy was very much into me flirting like crazy with me, then when I reciprocated he pulled back? I don't get it, did he want me to ignore him?

Also another guy wouldn't stop staring at me, then when I tried to give him eye contact he kept on looking away?! As though he was scared to look at me in the eye?

Why do guys do this?


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  • Easy question, basically there are guys who try to work on there flirting skills by talking to any women just for practice, and sometimes people know how to dish it out but can't take it, I have flirted with a women before and they will ignore me and giggle alittle then they start flirting I don't know how to handle it sometimes lol so I can understand to a degree why he pulled back, but then again I'm also really bad at taking compliments to I kinda pretend they didn't say anything to inflate my ego...

    The whole keeping eye contact thing is tough and I'm that guy who will look away, I was taught that its impolite to stare so I have this reflex for turning my head when people notice I'm looking at them, everybody does it I'm sure... Keeping eye contact requires a lot of confidence and its something not all people are capable of unless trained to do so

    Hoped that help'd

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      If this happened again how to move forward? Especially if the guy is shy?