Family member women calling me handsome

I haven't seen some family members in a long time. I went to my great grandmothers birthday. This family member called me handsome like 5 times during this time. My nana even said I looked handsome, which its just my grandma.

One of my best friends mom said the same thing over Skype. I'm flattered but also embarrassed. Am I good looking because I normally don't get complemented by girls as none of them approach me. I am a quiet person, but can be lively and funny when you get to know me.

So, is this a good thing or what? I feel like its bad or it's used as encouragement for a confidence boost.


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  • I would say that's a good thing of course. if you seem to have a low selfsteem then they might say that for both of things, if not then that's just what women do in those environments or situations.

    • Yea well I've never kissed a girl. So I'm just insecure about that. My friends say girls love a deep voice. I'm tall, and have sorry blond hair. Does my quietness have to do with it?

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    • Well I'm 17 and I can't be around tha stuff for my future career. So I'm fairly young, and honestly the whole grinding thing at clubs I don't like. I think it's trashy... No offense if you do that stuff.

    • I don't really dance with guys I don't know in clubs.

      Well then flirt with girls, one will say yes.

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  • If they told you you're handsome, it probably means you're handsome. No matter what you look like, you will appeal to some girls and not to others. If someone pays you a compliment, don't get embarrassed, smile and say thank you as confidence (but not arrogance!) is a very attractive quality.

  • Sounds like she likes you


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  • It's a good thing.