He doesn't make a move, am I doing something wrong?

Hello People.

I need advice!

I'm 24 years old in college, 3rd class student. I like a guy that we both study physics. He's 24 too. But he's about to graduate and I don't know what to do. I've first seen him a year and a half ago I guess, he looked at me like he admired me and took my attention. You know it was like love at first sight in the movies LOL Then we were going to school at different times of day so I barely saw him. Since December, I've began seeing him more at school. I found out his name and looked on Facebook (:() I learned that we've come from the same city to the university. Anyway...

We look at each other when we pass. But doesn't talk. Or say a word. I sometimes look at him and his best friend sees me looking. And turns his head and says something to him. (Probably that I'm looking at him)

He looks like a sweet, quiet, innocent guy. Not that I hear his voice so much! He isn't around too many people. Which I like. I'm a shy person too. And this is becoming like a high school crush! LOL and I want something to happen. Don't know what to do? As I'm a shy and innocent girl too :/ Hope you help me. xxx


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  • Perhaps, you're not showing any interest at all.

    • I've never met him... That's a bit hard to show interest much...


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  • I think he likes you. It's called COLD FEET. We p**** out sometimes or most of the time hahaha. I have gotten it from time to time. People are just scared of the outcome like getting turned down and such.

  • and you say you are an innocent girl too, how so specifically?

    • You don't know what is being innocent mean?

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    • I just MEANT I can't flirt much as I'm shy. That's all.

    • well it won't screw you as much since you are a girl

  • I thought girls disliked, were turned off by innocent, quiet guys, it sounds like he is definetley into you

    • Haha probably they say so. But I think the good guys are mostly like that. Innocence is lost and I think it's a rare thing. So as long as they are not too boring, I'm fine with it : )

  • This is ALL in your head.

    Love at first sight.. good grief.

    • I was kidding with myself LOL

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  • From my own experience I can tell you that if a guy doesn't approach you, he's just not into you..